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Changes to 80's Rail

October 27, 2013  •  1 Comment

Picture viewing resolution has been reduced, but a slightly more transparent watermark applied.

Running a website such as this, it must be considered as a commercial proposition. This basically means that income must exceed expenditure to survive.

The site will therefore be set up to encourage the purchasing of photos (for a personal use only). Pictures bought for downloading do not have the watermark applied and remain at approx 250-300kb in size (suitable for screen viewing or A4 printing). Prices will remain at 40pence per photo.

Renewal fees for the site are due in April 2014 and a decision will be taken then as to how the site progresses in the future. It may be withdrawn from public viewing access.

Please note that this is not a photo sharing website operating on a free for all basis.


Unfortunately, there have been some adverse comments posted to the site about the resolution and watermarking considering it to be a "paywall". I quite like that concept.

Comments are now fully monitored and have to be approved before being published. If you cannot leave your real name and a factual e-mail address when leaving comments, then you are not a welcome visitor to the site.

Here for another year....

March 05, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

How long since the last blog???!!!

First of all, the good news. The site will be continuing for another year. It still doesn't recover it's costs, but many thanks to those who have bought photos. All purchases help (still at 40p each - no price rises for 2013!).

Secondly, there's more good news. More photos will be scanned and added over the coming months. Hopefully, a few holes will be plugged.

And talking of plugging holes, I now have access to the railway photographs of my dear old friend and fellow gricer Peter James. Peter passed away a few years back leaving a fine collection of 35mm B&W and colour pictures. So these will feature as a separate collection (dedicated to his memory) and will concentrate on the many subjects that I didn't cover - Deltics, Welsh Narrow Gauge and the threat of closure of the Settle & Carlisle line to name just  a few. Mostly from the 70's & 80's, but we may just dip into the end of steam era.

If anyone comes across, or has photo collections for disposal, I am willing to consider giving them a good home and possibly feature some of the pictures on this site. Please let me know.

Please show your appreciation of this site by purchasing the odd print or two. Times "is hard guv'nor" and any contributions are very much appreciated. If each visitor bought just one photo, I'd be a very happy bunny. If each blog reader bought 2 photos, I wouldn't be typing this!

Future of the site

July 26, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Many thanks to all of you who regularly visit 80’s Rail and for all the kind comments posted in the guest book and mailed directly to me. Over the past months, I have stopped work on the site to commit the time to the daytime job and prioritise other projects.

Taking stock and looking towards the future, I am in two minds in how I should progress with the site. As with all things at the moment, it’s going to boil down to costs and effort versus returns. The hours spent over the past four years scanning, photo editing and uploading (and the demise of Fotopic didn’t help) and the cost of site hosting has been extremely high. Unfortunately, recovered costs from download sales have been, quite bluntly, pitiful.

So I have to sadly say that, if things carry on the way they have been, then I will have to consider changing the site to ‘pay to view’ or disband the site totally. I’m sorry if this upsets anyone, but expressing your opinion with your wallets may help to make me think differently! I will see how things go and make my decision at Christmas.

On a different note, the computer build all went to plan and the SSD works great. As I’m an oldie, I can’t detect any real major difference in speed, but then I’m not playing shooty-up games. The old computer has also been rebuilt to be used as a general internet machine – I don’t trust a lot of sites with the apps and cookies they install on you. I think this may have been one of the reasons for the last OS failure.

Enjoy the rain whilst we have it – at least you’re getting your car washed for free!

Computer rebuild time

May 20, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Computers, eh? My trusty old machine running on XP has finally decided it's had enough - well the OS has given up.

So, new bits are all on order and the next couple of weeks will be spent building a brand new, all singing, all dancing masterpiece of media technology.

Luckily, there's no hard drive damage (I hope!) and as I'm a firm believer in backing up files, no work has been lost. Going to try out an SSD for the OS and programs with HDDs for data. Fingers crossed it all works first time. Think I'll miss out the floppy A drive on this build!

All this expense after splashing out on a little Nikon P7100 - getting fed up with lugging an SLR around all the time. Excellent spec., so hope it can do what it says.

Hopefully in the future, I will also feature photos from my recent digital exploits. I also plan to include collections by old friends whose photos warrant an airing - more on that later.


80s Rail Blog

March 21, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Seems like we can all start blogging now on 80s Rail now, so I'll put regular updates on and if you'd like to add anything, then feel free!

Work on the site is a little slow at the moment as I'm taking time out to do a few other things.

There's about another 800 pix to upload, so I'll get onto that soon.

Eagle eyed visitors may notice that the site is missing anything to do with the Isle of Wight. On Fotopic, I had that as just a separate Isle of Wight section, but I want to rescan all the photos again and put into the proper classifications. They will appear eventually!

We've nearly reached the anniversary of being up for a year on Zenfolio (which has proved to be a wise choice for hosting) and that of course, means renewal of hosting costs. Purchasing picture downloads from the site all goes towards the upkeep of the site, so thanks to those who have all contributed so far. Still need a few more sales though, so please offer your support with the odd 40p impulse buy. If I had a purchase to hit rate ratio of just 2%, I'd be a very happy bunny and the future of the site would be secure.

Thanks for all your support to date.


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